Alcala, Tenerife: A Small Town with Beautiful Beaches

If you’re looking for a quiet town with a beautiful beach, Alcala in Tenerife is perfect for you. This small town is located in the municipality of Guía de Isora and has a stunning beach made up of black sand. It’s easy to reach by car or bus, and in the surrounding area, there are plenty of restaurants serving the local cuisine – especially fresh fish and seafood. There’s also a sunset worth seeing here, with views of the island of La Gomera.

The old settlement of Alcala is one that you will find difficult to miss. It’s located on top of an incredibly flat terrace on the west coast of Tenerife, with beautiful buildings scattered all around its circumference and overlooking a small coastal cove just below them! Back in the 1950s, this area only housed 52 people that were living here. It has gone from a small dwelling to a rather cozy little town now.

The first settlement of Alcala was originally founded as a goat herding and fishing hub for those who lived in surrounding areas. The population rose throughout time, mostly due to young adults moving away from this area looking at other jobs or even immigrating overseas – leaving behind elderly seniors that weren’t so fortunate; but by 1950 about 350 inhabitants were living here.

The people of Alcala have been adapting to changes in their environment since the beginning. The banana plantations brought new influences and opportunities, and then buildings were built that altered everything for good when the small settlement grew.

What to do in Alcala, Tenerife

The cafes and restaurants in Alcala are a pleasant spot for those who want to enjoy some time away from the sun, sand & noise. It is usually quieter than other parts of Tenerife because there isn’t as much tourism here – but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s any less beautiful!

Alcalá Beach

There are quite a few beaches in and around Alcala and just outside of town you’ll find Playa de Alcala, which is a very small beach made out of black sand and small rocks. The Alcalá Beach is about 30 meters long and approximately 15 meters side, so it’s really not the largest beach around. There’s a nice little promenade along the coastline with a few benches scattered around where you can sit down and enjoy the sea views.

This beach is located in the municipality of Guia de Isora, near Playa San Juan, and a small harbour with fishing boats and a variety of water activities.

At Alcalá Beach you can enjoy not only swimming, but the water is really good for snorkeling.

La Jaquita Natural Swimming Pool

You can find a great natural outdoor pool just north of town. The swimming pool offers not only beautifully clean seawater but also playgrounds for kids and public showers.

It’s a thrilling experience! The water is more pleasant, and larger waves are crashing over the pool’s edge. This is one of Tenerife’s incredible treasures, where the crystal clear water of the Atlantic Ocean meets the volcanic coastline.

La Jaquita is one of the most accessible natural swimming pools on the Canary Islands, situated in a beautiful volcanic environment.

Playa La Jaquita

Just a bit south of the natural swimming pool in La Jaquita you find the beach. Playa La Jaquita is also a relatively small beach with the positive side effect of not having too many tourists flocking here.

There are a few sunbeds available to rent for a modest fee.

The beach is close to the very popular hotel Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora, which is one of the best hotels in this area of Tenerife.

Enjoy a meal at one of the local restaurants

Eating is a must, no matter where in the world you are. Luckily for you, there are some really great restaurants in Alcala.

One of the most popular restaurants is Restaurante Sauco where you can find a good variety of healthy Spanish food. You really want to try out their fresh seafood! They also offer a very good selection of international and Italian cuisine too, such as really good pasta and pizza.

You might want to book a table before your visit since this is a popular and busy place.

Another very popular restaurant in Alcalá is Tres Raices, a small but very friendly restaurant with a great atmosphere. A great selection of food and a large wine list makes this an incredibly popular place for tourists and locals. If you’re only spending one day in Alcalá, make sure to eat here. The food is well worth it, as it is one of the best restaurants in the area.

Watch the sunset

I was walking through the town of Alcalá in Tenerife when I saw the most marvelous sunset. The sun was setting over the neighboring island of La Gomera, and its beauty was breathtaking. I stood there for a while, just taking it all in. It was an amazing sight that I’ll never forget.

Bring a camera, because the sunset here is worth capturing as a memory.

How to get to Alcala

The town of Alcala is easily accessible by car. It’s only a 20-minute drive from Costa Adeje by car. If you rather go by bus, you can take line 473 from Costa Adeje which takes about 50 minutes. The positive thing about taking the bus (or guagua as the Canarians say) is that you can take in the amazing scenery going up north.

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