Where do Europeans vacation in Europe?

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Few things are as refreshing as a leisurely vacation. After a long period of work, it can be wonderful to take some time off to relax and enjoy yourself. Fortunately, paid vacation time is now mandatory across the European Union, giving workers plenty of opportunities to recharge their batteries. In France, workers are entitled to four weeks of paid vacation per year, while in Austria, people can take advantage of twenty-five days of paid leave, alongside thirteen paid holidays. Denmark goes even further, mandating five weeks of paid leave. This means that workers in Denmark accrue vacation days at a rate of just over two days per month. With so much time off available, there’s no excuse not to take a well-deserved break!

It’s no secret that Europeans love to travel. Whether it’s a city break to London or Barcelona, a beach holiday in Greece or Portugal, or a skiing trip in the Alps, there are plenty of destinations to choose from within Europe. And with so many affordable cheap flights, it’s easy to see why so many European citizens choose to vacation within the continent. Of course, there are also plenty of non-European citizens who vacation in Europe as well, but that’s another story for another time. In any case, whether you’re European or not, if you’re looking for somewhere to vacation in Europe, there are plenty of options available.

The most popular country for Europeans to visit in Europe on their vacation is Spain, as the map over Europe here shows. One of the most popular places in Spain for Europeans to visit is the Canary Islands.

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Breakdown per country

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From Country Going Most To Going 2nd Most To Going 3rd Most To
Austria Italy Germany Greece
Belgium France Spain Italy
Bulgaria Greece Turkey Germany
Croatia Germany Bosnia Italy
Cyprus Greece United Kingdom Bulgaria
Czechia Slovakia Croatia Italy
Denmark Spain Germany Italy
Estonia Russia Spain Finland
Finland Spain Sweden Estonia
France Spain Italy Portugal
Germany Spain Italy Austria
Greece Albania Germany United Kingdom
Hungary Germany Croatia USA
Ireland Spain United Kingdom USA
Italy Spain Romania France
Latvia Germany Russia Turkey
Lithuania United Kingdom Turkey Germany
Luxembourg France Portugal Italy
Malta Italy United Kingdom Spain
Netherlands Spain France Germany
Norway Spain Sweden Denmark
Poland Germany United Kingdom Italy
Portugal Spain France Switzerland
Romania Italy Greece Bulgaria
Slovakia Czechia Croatia Italy
Slovenia Croatia Italy Bosnia
Spain France Portugal Italy
Sweden Spain Italy Greece


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