Colosseum: How to skip the line tickets

The first thing to know is that if you buy a ticket for the Colosseum, you also get into the Forum and Palatine Hill. The Forum and the Palatine are both in the same complex, and you can access them through the same entrance, but the Colosseum has to be entered via a separate entrance: a huge door in the base of the massive stadium.

Skip the Line tickets are a special ticket type that, not only offers admission to a specific destination but also lets you jump ahead to the front of the line when you arrive. In some cases, they don’t even require you to actually stand in line.

When you visit Rome, making a visit to Colosseum is almost a must if you’ve never been. But during peak season it’s not uncommon to have lines outside that you have to wait for hours in just to be able to enter.

3000 people are allowed at a time inside the Colosseum. If the Colosseum is full, you will need to wait for people to exit regardless of whether you have tickets or not.

These are our tips for getting into the Colosseum with the shortest queue times possible.

Arrive early, before it gets crowded

The easiest way to avoid the Colosseum line and the security line is to arrive at the Colosseum as early as possible. Arriving before 8.15 am would avoid most of the Colosseum line and the security line. This would allow you to spend more time exploring the Colosseum and taking better photographs of the structure without the crowds.

Buy your ticket online before you arrive

A very good idea is to plan ahead when you are about to visit Colosseum and buy the tickets in advance from the official website. As with every attraction all over the world, you will find loads of people outside trying to sell you black-market tickets. Always make sure to buy the tickets from an official reseller.

The tickets for Colosseum are €18 (about $20) for adults and only €2 for kids. The ticket will not only give you access to the Colosseum but also entrance to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. 

Use the Roma Pass or Rome Tourist Card

Another easy way to visit the Colosseum is to buy a Roma Pass. The pass allows you to skip the ticket line and get in for a good price. But to enjoy it the way it’s meant to be experienced, you will need to book a visit time slot at the Colosseum’s website first.

The Roma Pass is valid for up to 3 days and can be used to visit monuments and museums in Rome. 2 free entrances, followed by discounted entrances, as well as free public transport, are allowed. The bonus to the Pass is that it allows you to skip the line at the Colosseum because it acts as a ticket.

Book a small guided tour

Book a small-group guided tour of the Colosseum and Forum with access to the arena and Colosseum ‘hypogeum’ below the floor. It’s always good to have a guide, especially when touring such a large and impressive monument. Your guide will help bring the site to life by explaining the sights, sounds and stories of gladiator contests and wild animals that once roamed these large arenas. And when it comes to the Forum, this is the best option because it’s just so large and well worth a visit for the sheer size alone.

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