Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife – the Complete Travel Guide

Puerto de la Cruz is a popular tourist destination on Tenerife’s north coast in the Canary Islands. This charming resort town offers something for everyone, from beautiful beaches to historic sites and natural attractions. I’ve spent a lot of time in Puerto de la Cruz both growing up and up until now, with my own ... Read more
Woman at the beach Las Canteras

Las Canteras Beach: The Jewel of Las Palmas

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach to relax on in the heart of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, look no further than Las Canteras. This 3.5km stretch of golden sand is perfect for a day of contemplation and relaxation. You’ll find plenty of services and amenities along the promenade, making it the perfect spot for ... Read more
Anfi Beach, Gran Canaria

Anfi Beach, The White Sand Beach in Gran Canaria

If you’re looking for a beautiful and peaceful beach to relax on while in Gran Canaria, Anfi Beach is the place for you. This stunning beach is well-known for its soft white sand and calm waters, which make it perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. Anfi Beach also offers a wide range of water-sports activities, ... Read more
Maspalomas Dunes, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Travel Guide to Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

If you’re looking for a vacation destination that offers something for everyone, look no further than Maspalomas in Gran Canaria. This resort town is home to some of the most beautiful scenery on the island and plenty of activities and attractions to keep you busy. Whether you’re interested in nature, history, or just relaxing on ... Read more
Calima over Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

Calima: The Saharan Air Layer That Descends on the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are known for their beautiful beaches, warm weather, and stunning views. However, there is one aspect of the islands that many people find unpleasant – the calima. The Saharan air layer descends on the islands every summer, bringing with it hot winds, dust, and decreased visibility. This phenomenon usually lasts for a ... Read more
Playa de las Teresitas, Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Playa de Las Teresitas: Tenerife’s Breathtaking White Sand Beach

If you’re looking for a breathtaking white sand beach to relax on while in Tenerife, look no further than the Playa de Las Teresitas. This stunning artificial beach is located north of San Andrés village in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and it’s one of the most popular beaches in the Canary Islands. Unlike most of ... Read more
Beach at Alcala, Tenerife from above

Alcala, Tenerife: A Small Town with Beautiful Beaches

If you’re looking for a quiet town with a beautiful beach, Alcala in Tenerife is perfect for you. This small town is located in the municipality of Guía de Isora and has a stunning beach made up of black sand. It’s easy to reach by car or bus, and in the surrounding area, there are ... Read more
Garachico, Tenerife. From above.

A Guide to Garachico: One of the Most Popular Day Trips in Tenerife

Do you want to explore some of the most beautiful and authentic places in Tenerife? Then a day trip to Garachico is a perfect option for you! This charming town is located in the north-west of the island and it’s known for its lovely architecture, delicious food, and stunning natural scenery. If you’re looking for ... Read more
Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Canary Islands

The Best Places to Stay in Tenerife: A Guide for Your Holiday

When it comes to finding the best places in Tenerife, there are many factors you need to take into account. Each area of the island has its unique charm and offers something different for visitors. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax or an area with plenty of nightlife and activities, I have ... Read more
Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Costa Adeje: A Luxurious Beach Resort on Tenerife’s Western Shore

Costa Adeje is a luxurious beach resort located on the western shore of Tenerife. This beautiful beach is situated on the foothills of Teide Volcano and is mostly lined by a boardwalk with views of the sea. Costa Adeje offers a unique beachside experience that is perfect for families. You will find plenty to do ... Read more